Product Designer and Engineer with a passion for technology

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About me

I enjoy design, crazy futuristic technologies, and challenging myself with learning new things and experimenting with technology.

#HumanCenteredDesign #ProductThinking #PlatformDesign #DesignSystems #Web3 #Blockchain #PostHumanCenterDesign.

Aside from my professional work as a designer, I am passionate about side projects involving art, design, research, and development. In order to maintain a balance between work and life, I enjoy numerous hobbies such as surfing, kitesurfing, skateboarding, acrylic painting, and writing articles on MEDIUM.

My experience

I have studied and gained working experience in three different countries with three different languages in the following areas: Interaction design, Product design, UX/UI Design, and Front-end Development. This includes industries like music royalties and copyrights, security, automotive, industrial machines, web, and health care at both product companies and agencies.