Hi, I am Florian a, UX Designer and Engineer with a passion for Technology and Development.

Work Experience

My Superpowers

Design craft skills

  • Creating intuitive User experience designs and easy-to-use User interfaces
  • Great eye for design and details
  • Skilled in Figma and Design Systems
  • No fear to create high-fidelity prototypes with programming or electronics

Structured and UX skills

  • Good knowledge of utilizing frameworks, UX principles, and scientific approach to design
  • Creative approach to handle user and system architecture constraints
  • Working in a structured manner

Curiosity of continues learning

  • Open-minded to different perspectives and wants to understand peoples problems
  • Always curious to learn new design principles, methods, and tools
  • Eager to learn and be an SME in UX/UI design and Product Design

About Me

Cyborg conference 2015 in Düsseldorf, implant an NFC chip into my hand.

I am

I am a designer who likes art, crazy futuristic technologies and to challenge myself. I easily get curious about new things and enjoy learning about new topics, which the variety of my projects and background suggests.
Design not only takes place in my profession but also plays a significant role in my personal life; in side-projects with friends or in creating, coding and experimenting within Design. I also take care of a lot of hobbies, including skateboarding, surfing, and building and flying freestyle drones.

Affordance testing for an interactive jacket with a low-fidelity prototype.


From previous positions, I have gained valuable experience working with UX and UI Design, Interaction Design and Prototyping. My skills including; concept development and problem-solving with Design Methodology, Wireframing, UI Design, and Lo-Fi, as well as Hi-Fi (both analog and digital) prototyping.

Making custom electronics for an interactive installation.

Most powerful ability

Over the last years, I worked in many different fields and roles; including IT, Front-end Development, UX/UI Design within IT companies, the automotive industry as well as for Design Agencies. Within my jobs and roles, I worked on development and design at the same time, where I created hybrid design abilities. With these abilities, I can prototype hi- and low fidelity concepts with both digital and analog technologies to acquire rapid knowledge and explore potential ideas. Not only does it save time and budget, it also pushes ideas forward and provides the best possible result for my clients.

Profession Skills

The line chart shows my journey through my work experience by showing the qualifications I've worked in. By hovering across the different lines of work experience, I give a brief summary of how this qualification was to work in and what I learned from this position. The yellow lines show my most recent work experience.