Hi, I am Florian, an Product Designer and Engineer with a passion for Development and Technology

About me

I am a curious person who enjoys learning new things and experimenting with technology and design. When I take on a challenge, I always work user-centered, design-thinking-focused, based on scientific methodology, and iteratively improve my designs through learnings. Besides my professional role as a designer, I am extremely passionate about side projects, including designing, coding, and experimenting within the area of design and technology. In addition, I have a number of hobbies, including skateboarding, surfing, painting, and podcasting.

Cyborg conference 2015 in Düsseldorf, implant an NFC chip into my hand.

My experience

I have studied and gained working experience in three different countries with three different languages in the following areas: Interaction design, Product design, UX/UI Design, and Front-end Development. This includes industries like security, automotive, industrial machines, web, and health care at both product companies and agencies.

Code prototyping with computer vision and emotion recognition



I enjoy learning about new technologies. I am currently learning about AI, Computer Vision, Blockchain, and the Transhumanist movement. Whenever I hear about new design principles, methods, and tools, I'm curious. As part of my curiosity, I am interested in hearing and understanding other people's perspectives in order to gain a better understanding of how they experience the world.


In addition to user research, I prefer to design based on frameworks, UX principles, and scientific research. To quickly test and communicate new concepts, I like to prototype visually using Figma, with code, or with electronics.


I am passionate about Designing frameworks and tools that empower people to make a truly positive difference. On top of that, I am very energetic and passionate about constantly pursuing new ideas, which I can pitch. Moreover, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others.

My ethic in design

Design shouldn't come at the cost of environmental, cultural, or social harm. Design should empower others to fulfill their goals. Design should express fairness, honesty, and loyalty to the users. Design should consider inclusion and diversity to not leave a user group out in the cold.

My pitch

I am an experienced designer with extensive strategic and UX/UI design skills who loves to solve complex design challenges and works best in collaboration with designers and different disciplines.

Making custom electronics for an interactive installation.