Master Study Project

Tangible Payment System

Whenever we are using digital technology around us, we produce data. Truth to be told, nearly everything we do online nowadays creates some type of data, which is owned by the company who owns the platform we browse on. With the imple- mentation of new EU regulations, we see a future where we as users have first-hand ownership of the data that we are generating.
In this project we argue, that data will in 5-10 years in the future be used as a currency, much like money. According to this, the goal was to design a tangible user-interface for storing and paying with generated data. We used an autonomous car envi- ronment as a context to develop and challenge our idea.

We came up with the idea of a wearable device that could track and store the data and a transaction device which accepts payment in form of person- ally generated data. To use the bracelet, we came up with a scenario of using it in the autonomous car environment, where the user can pay with their data by using the transaction device inside the
car that would be connected with the bracelet by touching it.