Master Study Project

Food Scanner

Food Scanner is an app that helps people who have special food allergies or the want to avoid eating meat - like vegetarians, but also people who want to avoid to eat specific food ingredients. The app works with a barcode-scanner-web-technology and a specific filter-algorithm which works over a product database.
The filter algorithms search in the product description for ingredients which the user avoids to eat.
If the user is in a grocery store and wants to check a product to find out whether he can eat the product, he can scan the product and the app warns the user if there is a match with preset filter settings in the app.

Beyond this functionality, the app can also store filters from other users. This makes it possible for someone can go shopping for another person.
If there is a match with the filters and the user really wants or needs the product. The app gives recommendations for similar products which the user is allowed to eat.

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