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Hannah Lea Dykast is a designer based in Zurich, Switzerland. She has worked and studied in many distinct areas of design for several years. At the same time, this aspect made it interesting and challenging to develop an appropriate concept to present its variety of work.
I have developed a concept that visualizes the design areas in a triangle-based graphic. The largest triangle is the field with the most projects and the smallest with fewer projects. If one of the triangles is clicked, the user will be immersed in the project list of the field and will be able to discover the work.

The project is still ongoing as Hannah is still in the process of preparing the material.

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The Design Process

The Design Process of this project took place over serval years when we began to get to know each other and to become close friends. Structure wise the project can be distanced into 5 stages. These stages can be defined as Information Architecture, Style & Mood, Prototype & Test, Design & Develop, and Dynamic Adaptation.

Information Architecture

An analysis of Hannah's career for the next 3-5 years has taken place at this stage. In addition, we have structured currently available projects and ongoing projects to create an Information Architecture that will be viable for several years.

After several meetings and restructuring, we agreed on an information architecture.

Style & Mood

In the next stage, we decided what kind of colors, patterns, and forms we're going to use on the website because when Hannah designs things, you can always discover her design signature in these designs. This signature should be available in the design of the website. One of these design signatures are triangle shapes and special color contrasts.

Wireframeing & Testing

As a next step, I created Wireframes and a User Flow which was transformed into a digital prototype with Sketch App.

Design & Develop

After generating all the different components for responsive design (desktop, tablet, and mobile), I set up a Boilerplate with Glup and a Kirby content management system and started to code the website.

Dynamic Adaptation

The Dynamic Adaptation stage is a stage that has been invented by myself, the aim is to adopt Hannah's current work situation to the website. This implies that content must be adopted to meet its present needs.