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Website • Designer & Developer Freelancer • Switzerland 2015
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Concept, Design, Development




1 Interaction Designer


3 weeks

Ramona Barfuss is a Ceramic Artist from Switzerland currently working at KH Wurtz in Denmark.

We met each other at the Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland when she was studying Industrial Design.

Early in her studies, she already designed ceramic dishes with great passion and after various successes with her work, she decided to go for it as a full-time job. She built up a brand called “barfuß“, and for that, she asked me to help to create a website. Therefore, I designed and programmed a website for her on which we both are very proud.

Website Link: ramonabarfuss.com

Now, Ramona even went one step further and moved to Denmark to produce ceramics with the famous Scandinavian manufacturer KH Wurtz, but at the same time she keeps her own brand "barfuß“ running.

I am very happy to see what she has accomplished so far following her passion, and I am glad that I was able to help her on her way. For the future I wish her all the best and I am curious what the next years will hold for her.

Go Ramona!

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